Louisianime – how cosplay helped me with depression

Mar 28, 2016 - by Madisen

Hello fellow venters! I hope you had a wonderful Easter! (if you celebrate it) I spent my Easter weekend at Louisianime! Louisianime is an anime and video game convention located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As a popular cosplayer on social media, I was given a chance to host a panel on my cosplaying journey.

Cosplaying helped me with my depression and completely rid me of my social anxiety. I just discovered Vent 2 months ago, but it has also been very important to me. I had been planning to talk about Vent and promote them to the cosplayers visiting my panel, since most of them do struggle emotionally.

A few weeks from today I decided to make a Vent talking about how excited I was for the event. Vent then decided to contact me and send me free wristbands to give out to those who visited my panel. I was so thrilled to have this amazing opportunity to represent Vent at this convention.

When I mentioned Vent during my panel, I had one of two responses: “Vent? I love that app!” or “Could you explain more?” The attendees were so excited to hear more about the app. I explained that the Vent app was similar to the app Twitter, except it focuses more on your emotions and helping others. Vent supplies a safe community to ask for help, give help, or both! Unlike other forms of “social media” you don’t feel like you’re annoying anyone with your posts. Since Vent is made for people to “complain” and “be emotional” you know that this is the right and safe place to let your emotions out.

Many attendees asked if you have to use Vent “publicly” where others interact with your vents. I explained that if you’d like you could make your account private and accept people who you’d like to read your vents, or just have 0 listeners so your account is kind of like an online diary. Many people asked how to use the app, so I connected my phone to a projector and opened and explained the app. Many people downloaded the app during the panel and even asked for my Vent username and venters I find are most supportive.

At the end of the panel, I gave out the wristbands, and they loved them. The black and pink went really quickly. Those in Undertale cosplay or in the fandom enjoyed the yellow bracelets because they said “determined”. Some people did not like how the black band had no emotion, others said that they loved that it was emotionless. They felt as if the band symbolized keeping your emotions inside, or hidden away.

I had a great time at the convention overall, and I was so happy to be able to use my “popularity” to support my favorite app! I hope you enjoy these photos of cosplayers sporting the wristbands! (Sorry there is none of the actual panel! Panel security said we couldn’t take photos during the panel)

Wondering how you can support Vent?

You don’t need to do something big, just telling one friend about Vent makes a difference!

Have a great day and stay positive!

— Venter @Madisen