Transgender Day of Visibility

Mar 31, 2016 - by Vent

The Transgender community needs more visibility! Statistics show that trans students are significantly more likely to feel unsafe at school because of their gender expression or report physical abuse. These alarming numbers can be made better as trans people become more visible in our society.

Vent released the PRIDEFUL emotion on Transgender Day of Visibility to show support for the trans community.  This was an empowering opportunity for the Vent family to spread knowledge and celebrate the trans community in a positive light.

The response in the app was overwhelming with thousands of Vents being posted using the hashtag #MoreThanVisibility.  The Vent community came together in support of trans.  Personal stories were shared, important issues were raised and daily struggles were brought to the surface.  Others simply chose to express their pride in the trans community as they strive for visibility!
Vent is proud to make visible to you a few of the posts from our users: