Vent begins to stand on its own two feet ❤️

Sep 13, 2016 - by Dean

Hello everyone!

We are immensely proud of the community that you have helped us build. Vent is extremely committed to becoming the most important place for all people to share their feelings, be inspired and feel happier.

We are excited about the future and have big ideas and a bold vision, much of which has been shaped by you – our passionate users. As the community grows, so do the costs of bringing you the service. Part of being able to continue improving your experience on Vent requires us to become financially sustainable.

In coming days you will notice small text based advertisements appearing in your feed (example below). Our aim is to make the advertisements as seamless as possible and we have focused on ensuring they are not invasive or detracting from the user experience. The revenue we generate from advertisements will enable us to build features into our product that are the most important to you. As such we ask that you kindly support our sponsors who play an important role in our continued success. We also want to assure you that your personal information and the Vents you post are not being shared with third party organizations for marketing purposes.

We are grateful for your ongoing support and thank you for listening. We believe that this is a positive step toward keeping Vent sustainable well into the future and allowing us to continue building an amazing product for our wonderful users.

Text ad example

Have a great day!