Vent merchandise has arrived!

Mar 16, 2016 - by Dean

I’m excited to announce that our first ever batch of Vent merchandise has finally arrived and is now available HERE!!

We have partnered with the amazing TRENDYCO to produce these products and see this as the very early stages of our journey into connecting our emotions based app with the real-world!  We’re just experimenting with some initial ideas and if these items are popular we have lots and lots of other ideas in store for new and fun merch.  We’d love to start popping our emotion tags and colors into more cool products like caps, hoodies, phone covers… etc. etc.!  :)

So if you love Vent and would like to support us, please check out our online store now!  All proceeds will go back into designing and manufacturing other styles of product and experimenting with lots of cool and unique ideas to allow you to express yourself in more ways!

Have a great day!!

Cheers, Dean <3