Community guidelines

Last modified on Oct 12, 2015

What we have in mind for our Vent community:

Self-expression: Vent is the place for you to express yourself.  Sharing your thoughts and feelings helps you chill out and lift your mood.

Supporting each other:  Life throws us many surprises. Vent strives to create a safe and supportive place where people, through shared feelings and experiences, help each other navigate through sometimes rough waters.  Your expression generates energy that may inspire others embarking on their own journey of self-discovery and happiness.

Enrichment:  We want every experience on vent to add value to your life – be it gaining a new perspective, discovering a passion, influencing people for social change, satisfaction through helping others or refining the art of articulating your feelings or opinions. We want Vent to be a place for you to grow.

Fun:  Explore, exchange views, reflect and meet new people. Importantly we want you to have lots of fun and laughter – this is a great way to relieve stress and help make your worries fly away.  Humour and playful communication brings people together, helps overcome challenges and inspires hope.  Seek out the numerous uplifting people that have found a place on Vent or explore the lighter emotions for a powerful and instant boost.

Privacy:  Vent respects the importance of social gatherings that take place away from the prying eyes of those that you may know.   We believe that you should have control over how you interact with our community.  You may choose to expand your horizons, sharing emotions or experimenting with different personalities, with interesting people from all around the world.  If you are after something more familiar then inviting your friends from your personal life or connections from other social networks may be the way to go.  An even more intimate experience is also achievable for those that would rather surround themselves with trusted listeners or simply use the app as a personal journal.

What Vent wants from you:

Contribute according to our community values:

  •         Caring
  •         Honesty
  •         Restraint
  •         Responsibility
  •         Respect

Develop your identity:

  •         Build confidence
  •         Self-Esteem
  •         Sense of Purpose
  •         Cultural awareness
  •         Positive View of Personal Future

Why we have Community Guidelines:

Whilst Vent encourages you to freely express who you really are, we also strive to foster a positive and supportive community that values the wellbeing of all our users.

These guidelines establish the boundaries for the content and behaviors that we expect – to avoid any confusion:

Respect the Vent community

Vent is a place where different people from all over the globe can come to share emotions and the most personal of moments so we are unwavering in our determination to foster a respectful and understanding community.  In order to preserve people’s safety and promote respect, Vent may delete your content or accounts without prior notice if you harass, threaten, stalk or attempt to humiliate or publicly shame others or use hate language.

Vent asks our community to exist harmoniously and embrace the richness of diversity.  Users must not post offensive content against any ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation or religion.

Vent asks that you DO NOT call out, name drop or shame other users that have interacted with you in a manner which makes you uncomfortable.  Privacy features such as the ability to Block a user or set your account to Private are at your disposal and should be used in such circumstances.  If you still feel that a user is deliberately spamming or harassing you, the in-app reporting system is the correct way to ensure this matter is brought to our immediate attention.

Self-harm is an important issue that should not be glorified

We want to raise awareness of issues affecting people as we believe this can be a helpful way of coping and getting through a difficult period.  Having said this, if you know someone who may have thoughts of self-harm or is going through a tough time, then there are services that can help:

IASP Crisis Centre – International Suicide Prevention Directory

IMAlive – Online Chat Crisis Network

Self-harm is a serious issue and must not be glorified or encouraged.

Abide by the law

Content posted on Vent must not:

  • Incite illegal behaviour or violence
  • Support or encourage terrorism or hate groups
  • Share material that sexually exploits minors
  • Constitute fraudulent activity, including obtaining or attempting to obtain financial advantage or private information by deception

Other important stuff that won’t be tolerated

  • Call out posts or name dropping that is likely to lead to an escalation of behavior that is detrimental to the community. Users that breach this will face an immediate ban
  • Vent posts that contain sexually explicit content must be flagged with the text ‘NSFW’ in the body of the Vent. NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work and is a common way of describing content that is sexually explicit in nature
  • Creating Groups with a sole purpose of being offensive or hateful towards any gender, religion, sexual orientation or other minorities
  • Raiding of groups by posting irrelevant, off-topic, provocative or abusive content
  • Spam or other forms of solicitation
  • Copying Vent posts & comments to other sites without the prior consent from the original content creator
  • Post gore or pornographic material
  • Automated or programmatic methods of creating Vent accounts, posting content or boosting your interactive button numbers
  • Username hoarding. Owning a few active accounts for various purposes is welcomed however registering and saving usernames in large volumes will not be tolerated. Devices with 20 or more active accounts registered may face an immediate ban.
  • Username trading. Trading of accounts with other users in any way will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban.
  • Respect our systems – do not interfere with or disrupt the Site or the servers or networks connected to the Site