Vent version 2 launching January!

Dec 23, 2014 - by Dean

Hello to you all!

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday break and are enjoying some well deserved rest.

As the year winds up we’d like to share a little (or quite a bit) with you about some of the BIG and EXCITING things we have coming in the first part of 2015:

Vent version 2 on iPhone will be released in January!  This has been a while in the making, however it is coming along very nicely in our test environment.  We will be uploading version 2 to the Apple App Store in early January and then we wait for Apple to complete its review and approval process.  This may take a little longer than usual due to the large backlog they will have after the Christmas break, however we will be sure to keep you posted on progress! 😉 Shortly after our iOS version launches we will be releasing our FIRST Android release.  We’re super excited about this as we know there’s a heap of you that are missing out, and we hate that!

Some of the new features coming in January include:

  • MORE EMOTIONS – this has easily been the most heavily requested feature and we have shaped the whole of version 2 around this.  In Vent version 2 we are moving away from the 5 ‘anger based’ emotions and introducing our new ’emotion slider’ that will now include 6 categories of emotions with each containing a variety of options.
  • ‘Interaction buttons’ – this is the temporary name we’ve given them as we couldn’t think of anything better.  The idea behind these is that ‘favoriting’ a Vent doesn’t always feel like an appropriate way to interact with the post.  In version 2 you can still favorite a Vent however you can now also HUG, LOL, WTF and OMG a Vent.  We’re really looking forward to seeing how these new interactions go and believe they will take the app somewhere totally different to what you will see on the mainstream social networks!
  • Improved performance! – the app has been running really slowly recently.  I know it’s been very frustrating for all of you and those ‘No internet connection’ error prompts and duplicate comment posts are painful!  The good news is, we’re sorting that out! Vent version 2 is running on shiny new technology with a brand new server design.  So we’ve essentially overhauled the ‘engine’ that is running the app from the ground up.  Vent will now be able to handle massive amounts of user traffic easily, and we’ve optimized the scrolling experience so that it’s smoother and FASTER.
  • Block users – if there are users you don’t want seeing your Vents or you don’t want to see their Vents, our simple Block feature will be the answer you’ve been waiting for!
  • Bio’s – Vent provides anonymity to those who want it, however some of you may wish to reveal a little bit about yourself.  The introduction of an optional bio will allow you to reveal as little or as much as you wish.
  • Predictive usernames – No more trying to remember a users name that you want to tag in a Vent or comments.  Start typing out the name you’re after and we will help out with the rest 😉
  • Delete and edit your Vents and comments – if you make a typo or post something incorrectly, you can now edit and delete your posts.

We’ve also put together a little teaser video clip showcasing some of what’s coming in 2015 – please take a look and let us know what you think in the video comments section:

BIG thanks to YOU for being such an key part of our amazing community!

We’ll share another blog update with you all soon :)